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Ultimately, the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship, is conversation.
Oscar Wilde

1-2-1 Conversation

Professionals and Business Acceleration Programmes:
Conversation service and employee communication strategy for corporations.

“The English language has become the language of business across the hyper-connected world. Around 2 billion people in the world speak English. In fact, only 20per cent of these are native speakers, while the rest use English as their second language…”


Is English your second language?
Are you an International Student, Entrepreneur, Sportsperson or Corporate Professional?

If your career requires communicating with people in English and you need to practice talking… Conversation coaching is designed to help in all types of business, social and personal interactions.

You will be talking with a professional who understands the importance of  personal brand and articulating your message clearly with ease.  Jiven has mentored and guided individuals to the next level and beyond in their career.

Recognise the importance of conversing and communicating effectively in all different situations: in person, by phone and online. Through practising conversation, Jiven helps you identify and adapt styles, phrasing, gestures and emphasis that is most natural and appropriate for you in different situations.

All sessions are customised, we talk about relatable interests and subject areas that allow a real time conversation to practise the distinct phrases and dialogue you are likely to engage with in your everyday career roles and social situations.

Global opportunities allow you to take your career or business to any country, being able to confidently talk to people and build genuine relationships across your sector opens you up to a new set of possibilities.

Our conversations can

  • Discuss new opportunities
  • Practice interview questions
  • Handle media and press engagement 
  • Rehearse a presentation dry run

Dedicating 1 hour to talking and allowing yourself to be heard, to explore, to play with tones and pronunciation will develop your skills and lead you to becoming more comfortable and talking to anyone in English..

Self confidence is gained through fully participating, learning english theory and speaking english with ease are very different experiences and achieve different results.



Is your primary business language English?
Do you fully understand the communication challenges your leaders and workforce face?

Service sectors reliant on the use of a single common language across the organisation are under immense pressure to ensure staff are fully engaged and deliver the correct message to customers. Lets just talk provides a service to support employees who need a little extra  1-2-1 help with their communication skills.  

Supporting personal and professional development, conversation services help reduce communication skills gaps, support employees as part of relocation services and enhance cultural unity and staff retention.

Businesses are demonstrating a growing need to support inter-business communications with the growth and demand of global communications. Hospitality and Service industries have pressing aspirations to deliver exceptional customer experience. Can a simple enhancement in your employee communication strategy or delivery increase company performance and productivity?

For managers who have English as a second language, Jiven offers customised conversation assistance and support programmes, to help your managers communicate with confidence using appropriate business language. 

Jiven also supports and coaches leadership teams following mergers and acquisitions, helping to integrate colleagues into new portfolio positions and supporting cross-cultural communication and collaborative working.

Is your internal communication clear, concise, consistent and creative ?  Keeping your employees abreast of company developments and progression breeds healthy and motivated work force environments. Jiven audits existing plans to identify what is working well and what requires attention and then designs communication plans to deliver engaging, informative and insightful content to support employee and stakeholder engagement programmes.

Real conversations lead to real thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Actions speak louder than words, but words spark the flame.