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I had a very insightful and constructive coaching session with Jiven. Straight away she made me feel safe and at ease to open up and talk freely. I was really impressed at how quickly she was able to identify my limitations which have been holding me back, she listened and understood my challenges and helped me look at areas of my life with a fresh perspective.

I left the session feeling clear, lighter  and motivated to start implementing some actionable steps to move forward with my goals. There was a really lovely flow to the session. She is extremely intuitive, personable and friendly.  I highly recommend anyone feeling like they need support to meet Jiven.

SL/Coaching Client
Based UK & France

Jiven demonstrates a deep passion for marketing in a straightforward way, which drives business results. She’s able to balance off the requirements of many different stakeholders to ensure that the marketing strategy she designs is able to meet the short, medium and long-term needs of the business, whilst growing the long-term customer relationship and market position. She displays astounding programme management skills and a clear deadline-driven focus. And she’s a fun person to work with. 

RF / Director
Education Technology | UK

I’ve worked with Jiven on a number of assignments her professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm and friendly nature made her a pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that anyone engaging with Jiven will find they have a smooth  and successful experience.

ST / Partnerships Director
AI Technology | Global

Jiven is a gifted and charismatic marketer who brings a highly strategic yet pragmatic approach to the direction and marketing programmes she designs. Jiven displays a passion for excellence and innovation that is truly infectious and this is reflected in program execution. Jiven also has an innate ability to manage tasks, people, budgets and agencies in a way that ensure she gets the very best while at the same time creating a buzz and sense of fun around the project. I have seen many times how this ability inspires people to go the extra mile and deliver truly exceptional results in seemingly impossible situations, on time, on budget. Jiven is also a generous colleague who shares her insight, experience and support with colleagues keen to emulate her approach. This has contributed significantly to the development and success of the broader team

MJ / Director
Health Technology | Global

I had the pleasure of working with Jiven whilst she was working with Dell on High Performance Computing Solution across EMEA, I was extremely impressed with her approach to drive assignments to completion, while keeping stakeholders engaged. Jiven demonstrated fresh thinking, great communications skills and most of all, great responsiveness (a dying quality in the industry today). I highly recommend connecting and working with Jiven. 

MH / Commercial Partnerships
HPC Technology | USA

I hired Jiven as a consultant in 2010. Her role was to advise my team leaders on their marketing plans, systems and processes to help create efficiencies as well as a more professional service. As part of this process Jiven also provided coaching to my direct reports. Jiven is one of the most impressive professionals that I have ever come across. She stands out in her ability to examine an issue from all sides and to consistently deliver the right solution in a cost effective way. She is extremely client focussed and always operates with a high level of integrity. She can be relied upon to deliver every time. I have never known her to not deliver what she has promised. I would trust her to lead on anything from the most complex to the more straightforward marketing initiatives

SW / Commercial Director
Education Publishing | UK
I engaged with Jiven during Covid as I was concerned about my small independent business, Jiven helped me put some very sensible and practical plans in place to start attracting new business, she has also helped me adopt new digital platforms to expand my business and personal confidence. I continue to work with Jiven and have regular check-ins!
FG / Founder
Aesthetics | UK

I worked closely with Jiven during my tenure at Dell. I found Jiven to be a great strategic thinker, and the Programmes she developed were designed to have an impact on the business numbers. Jiven has a rare combination of coming up with new and creative ideas, and then being able to manage them through with all stakeholders, creating a clear solution vision and ensuring all delivery teams are working toward the same priorities. Jiven programmes were adopted and leveraged across multiple regions.

Information Technology | EMEA
"Experience - Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.” Paul J. Meyer