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Go-to-Market Transformation

Marketing sits at the heart of every business, underpinning all aspects of corporate activity: portfolio, people, process and performance. All departments need to represent and promote the marketing, branding and overarching messages.

Whether you are a global organisation or a start-up, creating engaging and commercially effective Go-to-Market programmes requires a clear understanding of:

The company objectives, future growth and expansion aspirations.

Financial parameters to scope budgets, forecast planning, determine one off set up and annual costs.

Pragmatic, segmented and content targeted communications plan.

Managing a marketing function which can translate a core business focus into execution-able campaigns to support key performance indicators by Pragmatic, segmented and content targeted communications plan.

Fully operationalise and bring together a vision, proposition, content, creative resources, customer insight all via a strong technology platform and strategic foundation.

Turning visions into go-to-market executions

It’s sensible to start from the beginning! to fully determine the scale of the task, identify any potential risk and prevent any surprises later, which may effect your communications plan from being executed efficiently and effectively.
Turning visions into go-to-market executions

 Do you currently have a blank canvas or a fragmented and/or dysfunctional marketing function ?

A full marketing audit helps non-marketing professionals and leadership teams understand what they need to be aware of to ensure the full marketing spectrum is being considered to prepare for efficiency, effectiveness and excellence.

  • Where are you now?
  • What is working well,? 
  • What requires attention? 
  • Where are there gaps?

Whether an acquisition or organic growth model aligning both internal and external communication channels is compulsory to prevent negative impact on company culture, brand equity and market positioning.

Many organisations lack a fundamental and critical skill the ability to Take a Clear Brief.

The Brief, prepared and developed effectively, can save a business time, money and energy. It is a core document that aligns and feeds all parties to start the creative direction of your Go-to-Market (GTM) programmes.
As part of formulating the Brief, Jiven talks to all stakeholders who hold knowledge and have first-hand experience; their input contributes to full transparency – what do you accurately know? And what don’t you know? providing a coherent view to scope to approach  an appropriate GTM direction.

These conversations are not initially with marketing colleagues or agencies: the focus at this stage is on all individuals in your organisation who have insight to customer challenges, solution specification, industry trends and thought leadership indicators. Key stakeholders & insight specialist are key to formulating the base of your proposition and messaging direction. Conflict and consolidation in views and opinions are identified, discussed and resolved.

Often undervalued, GTM Intelligence can potentially prevent you investing in unsuitable products or services  or can help you discover important new business opportunities. This intelligence is generated by working with a third party who will road test hypotheses, competitors, market drivers and value propositions to provide a directional ‘heat-map’ to underpin your GTM activity if required. This intelligence is different from standard corporate due diligence; it is targeted to contribute to the commercial and marketing direction which needs to be aligned to support the sales funnel. We recommend this optional service to technology companies launching new products and service.

Finance teams need an early indication of which areas require a budget to be assigned for future forecasting.

  • Set-up costs for a new acquisitions, functions or programmes
  • On-going costs for an annual budget
  • Digital operating platforms
  • Communications channels and technology platforms
  • Agency resources
  • Headcount required depending on the portfolio and sales targets

Having managed multiple budgets across many different sectors, Jiven’s forecasting capability is ‘realistic’. Breaking down components to help businesses understand how to phase in and make appropriate marketing allocations as well as identifying any hidden costs to avoid surprises later in the cycle.

The key to successful delivery of any company’s goals is clear processes and procedures, underpinned by a practical communications plan outlining clearly how the work streams will be delivered.

Once a clear brief has been approved at the earlier stage, the company’s brand and communications plan almost writes itself.

Single vision, clear message and practical guidance

  • Providing practical guidance to maintain a single vision will help ensure that your communication campaigns fit customer needs, provide sales teams with useable and relatable content and promote brand excellence.
  • No matter which region is creating material all marketing and sales collateral, promotional and pre-sales assets look and feel like they have been generated from one single location and localised to support global preferences  across all traditional, digital and social channels.

Working with Jiven for your transformation programme

Jiven brings over 25 years’ marketing experience with the competency to understand and deliver end-to-end marketing solutions to organisations. She now works as an Advisor helping venture capitalists, leadership teams and marketing functions translate objectives into clear directional and/or forecast plans.
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