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Never underestimate the power and potential of a simple conversation.
Jiven Banghar

Jiven Banghar

Jiven Banghar

When I get asked what do you do? it makes me wonder... what is it that I do?

Essentially, I listen to people and talk to them. Those conversations lead the way; problems and issues can be articulated and understood, root causes explored and potential solutions percolate to the surface. Next steps and constructive work streams and actions follow naturally.

That’s why I decided to call my business ‘lets just talk’ as that where it starts… the professional hats I wear all blend into one and I use a broad set of skills to help deliver what my clients need.

What shall we talk about ?..

Acquisition. Aspiration. Belief. Brand. Campaign. Change. Communication. aConfidence. Crisis. Culture. Curiosity. Development. Discomfort. Experience. Expression. Expansion. Fragmentation. Freedom. Future. Growth. Goal. Habit. Idea. Inspiration. Journey. Limitation. Model. Motivation. Niche. Opportunity. Operation. Performance. Personality. Possibility. Potential. Problem. Question. Relation. Scenario. Service. Stability. Strategy. Software. Transition. Unity. USP. Value. Vision. Wisdom. Work.


Addressing Business & Professional Communication Challenges

The English language has become the language of business across the hyper-connected world. Around 2 billion people in the world speak English. In fact, only 20per cent of these are native speakers, while  the rest  use English as their second language

  • More and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language. Using English well has become an essential skill that can propel or hinder global communications, careers and staff retention. 
  • This is a challenge for both native and non-native speakers. Participants in daily interactions in professional and personal forums need to be able to use ‘business language’ without diluting the message while ensuring a clear interpretation.
  • Everybody has a part to play: native speakers need to simplify their message while non-native speakers need to improve their content and delivery enabling them to participate with clarity and confidence
  • Turning visions into reality …..Many marketing functions perform poorly due to a lack of clear direction along with poor organisation where disciplines are dispersed inappropriately across global environments. In such circumstance, budgets are wasted, resources are underutilized and teams are not motivated to take ownership. At the same time leadership teams struggle to translate visions into realities due to their inability to understand the hidden considerations when creating customers’ journeys and converting them into pragmatic communication plans.  
  • Simplifying complexity has been my focus for the last 25 years. Through the design of results orientated strategies, which inform operational models and communication channels, I have helped to accelerate end-to-end components. And by engaging all parties and ensuring they are working towards the same priorities with the same principles through the same practices, I have been able to help people perform optimally. 
  • Why not ?…  there is so much in life to explore but no one to explore it with!  Whether it is an idea or an evaluation of life itself…individuals just need a place to start…
  • Throughout my career I have observed that people often give up too quickly, either not allowing what they want to fully formulate or because they don’t have someone to bounce ideas around with. No matter how many development courses individuals attend, they still have to work to create, design and plan what they want to achieve. This requires clarity, consistency and motivation.  I truly believe everyone can nudge their boundaries and explore whatever is waiting to be discovered within themselves. This just requires a desire and a tenacity to break free of any limitations.



Sector – Technology, Education, Defence, Healthcare, Maritime, Travel, Health & Wellbeing

25 years transforming communication strategies, marketing operations and teams in corporate environments.

Strategic Advisor, Marketing Professional, Certified MBTI Practitioner, Breathwork & Shadow work Practitioner and Personal Development Coach.

When I am not talking, I have a very wide range of interests, including…Nature, art, photography, fitness, dance and coffee shops!