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Can we open up to the possibilities that lay hidden within us?

There is something in our nature as human beings that is vital, energised, indomitable. This nature is always there but not always realised because it gets blocked.

This blocking arises through what we might call our narratives of “normality” which we spin constantly. These narratives are stories which began outside of us but were internalised and made our own. They are reinforced through our family, peer group and others around us. But it’s us that perpetuate them. 

All stories are inventions: fairy tales but our life can be so riddled with them that we become hemmed in by them unable to move beyond them. 

While within us lies a range of possibilities of untold dimensions. These tug at our sleeves & call us until we die. The question for every human being is: can we hear our magnificent possibilities calling us – and even if we can – will we have the means to follow them?