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Connecting with Confidence

Where do I start? What will I say? Will I be understood? Do I make sense? Can I articulate my message?…

These are just some of the questions that go through the mind, that potentially hinder conversation confidence.

A conversation is a 2-way interaction of natural engagement and active participation, its only when the conversation is over you realise the ease, fluidity and connection and wonder where did the time go… 1 hour felt like 10minutes.

What creates a natural conversation?

The ability to listen, fully engage and most importantly fully participate in the moment. You may or may not agree with the points of view and opinions but you are willing to exchange perspectives and remain open.

A genuine conversation connects people on multiple levels, the language and communication tone flow comfortably, energy aligns and emotions attune with the topic in discussion and surroundings vanish for some time and that’s when one notices the ease of the conversation.

Why do we find it so hard to have conversations?

      • Attention span can be short
      • Distraction of other things on our mind and not fully present in the moment
      • Defensive and not allowing opposing views to be considered
      • Lack of interest and judgement
      • Self-conscious of saying something wrong

    Conversations in social and networking environments formulate relationships, an intention to learn and explore through other peoples experience or simply open up to listen to a new perspective can connect people on a deeper level for a longer period of time.

    How do I improve my ability to enjoy a conversation with ease?

    Notice how you listen and participate in the interaction, are you genuinely interested in what is being said and shared or are you distracted and just going through the motions?. Are you open and enjoying the chat?.

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    Written by Jiven Banghar