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Cristiano Ronaldo “I want to improve my English”

Not only does a football legend have to perform well on a pitch, but he also has to communicate globally with a fan base, commercial stakeholders and media magnates as he potentially enters a controversial tsunami. Cristiano’s every word was heard, felt and paraded or applauded.

The recent interview with Piers Morgan demonstrated the importance of a mature conversation to share values and opinions. He made a decision to have a face-to-face ninety-minute interview rather than opt for a social media post. Represent himself and address the issues and speculation surrounding his recent behaviour and decisions.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical talent and tricks have been his channel of transmission to date. The interview showcased communication development to continue and strengthen his global relationships, through the use of his voice and personal presence.

Self-expression comes in many forms and it all stems from self-discovery, by opening up to explore the hidden potential and asking what do I want now?

Why did he conduct an interview?

To be heard and express himself in his own words. Progressive change is potentially on the horizon and he took an independent and courageous step. An orthodox striker in many ways on and off the pitch.

Why did he choose to interview in English?

English is a global language, Cristiano made a very conscious choice to connect with as many people personally and intimately as to deliver a message in his own words, directly to his supporters and his critics. He could have chosen to speak through a translator but instead, he took a step out of his comfort zone and used the opportunity to engage, directly answer the questions and present his perspective.

How important was that conversation?

Very important. His interview will have a monumental impact not only on him professionally and as a brand, but on the club, the fans, and future football players. A global icon, an influencer, and an entrepreneur preparing for life after football, his brand will not fade away…. he just extended and strengthened his possibilities.

What did Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrate in the interaction with Piers Morgan?

  • Openness – he was prepared to be honest and authentic.
  • Self-Belief – his values, talent and influence, he took full responsibility.
  • Confidence – he spoke with conviction and was fully aware of the potential repercussions that follow.
  • Natural – his interview was not pre-rehearsed he revealed discomfort, flow, and a composed tone.
  • Simple – his vocabulary was limited at times repetitive but he was able to express himself with ease.

Will the cathartic conversation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan contribute towards his performance in the World Cup 22? … we will find out in the coming days.

The first man to score in 5 world cups! “I don’t follow the records, the records follow me”

Every sportsman faces the dilemma of ‘What comes next’. Being prepared with the best spoken and communication tools is the difference that will determine this outcome.

Cristiano wants to improve his English – how about you?

Written by Jiven Banghar

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