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Do you want to improve your customer service model and increase sales?

The rise of independent businesses is on the horizon… innovation and creativity is opening the doors of variation for multiple entrepreneurial businesses to enter the market.

The challenge independent business owners have is that they wear every hat in the business. Handling the administrative and product offering behind the scenes is fine, but when it comes to impeccable customer service and delivery you can not afford to have your reputation diluted. Attention to details that effect service and repeat business is detrimental to the  future success of your business.

4 tips to sharpen up your customer service model


      • Open up to receiving and monitoring honest feedback about your customers experience

      • Focus on the step-by-step experience and efficiency of your service

      • Train staff to be consistent and considerate when building relationships

      • Add value by identifying the subtle things that make people smile

    Ready to improve your customer service model and increase sales?

    Let an independent observer help you see what’s missing.

    Written by Jiven Banghar 

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