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“What is true love?” JJ Olantuji aka KSI

  • An Orthodox Boxer with an Unorthodox Approach to Life

Born out of the quiet musings of a teenager often dismissed as a “nerd” and “loser,” a personal brand emerged, driven not by the circumstances he was handed but by the vision he held of his future self. This is the story of KSI, a testament to the power of living life through a new lens.

Discovering YouTube became a turning point—a gateway to the world, an open forum, and a testing ground for bold, life-changing ideas.

The Art of Creating a Personal Brand

  • Values: Unbeknownst to him, he was crafting a set of core values Knowledge.Strength. Integrity. From these seeds, KSI was born.
  • Identity: KSI became more than a name; it became a badge of honour. In his corporate endeavours, he stands on a solid foundation, showcasing his dedication to practical content, physical prowess, and personal principles.
  • Exploration: With an unbounded imagination, KSI explored, played, learned, refined, and executed. From influencer to rapper, boxer to author, and entrepreneur, his journey continues to expand.
  • Self-Belief: Fuelled by a vision he created for himself, KSI adopted a winning attitude. “I am a winner” became not just a mantra but a way of life.
  • Inspiration: With an infectious laugh and genuine connection, KSI constantly reinvents himself and leads by example, amassing 24 million subscribers on YouTube.

In the recent documentary “KSI: In Real Life,” JJ posed profound questions: “What is true love?” and “How can I love someone when I don’t love myself?” These inquiries resonate deeply with many who, like him, were once dismissed but are brimming with untapped potential.

Does your personal brand reflect your aspirations?

Written by Jiven Banghar

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