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“What is true love?” JJ Olantuji aka KSI

An orthodox boxer with an unorthodox approach to life. 

A personal brand identity created by a quiet teenager labelled “nerd” and “loser”, he aspired to the person he wanted to be not the circumstances he was living in.

Is it possible to live life through a new lens?

The discovery of YouTube to access people, an open forum and a playground to test some crazy yet life propelling ideas.

Art of creating a personal brand

    • Values – possibly without realising what he was creating, he set himself some very clear values. Knowledge.Strength.Integrity… KSI was born.
    • Identity – KSI became not only a name but his badge of honour and when he steps into his  corporation he operates from a solid foundation demonstrating focus and commitment to his practical content, physical capabilities and his personal principles.
    • Exploration – KSI opened up to a ripe and vivid imagination without boundaries, playing, learning, refining and executing.  Claiming Influencer, rapper, boxer, author, entrepreneur and more to come…
    • Self-Belief – A vision he created by himself for himself. Adopted an attitude to reflect his behavioural traits, “I am a winner”.
    • Inspiration – An infectious laugh, authentic connection, consistently re-inventing life and performing as a leader of his life, which has resulted in @KSI 24Million subscribers on YouTube.

    In the recent documentary KSI:I in Real life, JJ asked a couple of questions                                    “What is true love?” and “how can I love someone when I don’t love myself?”     

    The child once labelled a “loser” was a creative spirit waiting to unleash, how many other gifted children get lost in the system and ask the same question?

    Does your personal brand reflect your aspirations?

    Written by Jiven Banghar 

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